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The top 10 events of world history april flower!

 In this article we are going to talk about april flower events! By the way, there is no need to work very hard to find this topic because on this day everyone tries to make each other an april flower. The first date of April is celebrated as Fool's Day. That too worldwide! Although there is a delay in the month of April, but today we are going to talk about the April flower events before that, with the help of which you can come up with ideas and you can make others April flowers Well, this is just a matter of fun but today we will talk about some of the fun events of history that took place on the day of April Fool! So let's know!

01 When the tradition of april flower started!

Symbolic photo

There is a lot of belief about how the tradition of celebrating April Fool's Day on the first day of April began, but the popular belief is that this practice originated in medieval France. The reason for this was the Gregorian calendar, prepared by Christianity's Pop Gregory 13, according to astronomers' information.

France was the first country to file the Gregorian calendar in place of the years-old Julian calendar. King Charles 9 of France adopted the exact calendar in 1582! According to the Julian Caesar calendar, the first day was the first April, while the Gregorian calendar was the first January. Due to the old habit, people who had come out on holiday on the first April day to give a happy new year, used to be labeled as Poisson de'Avril i.e. April fish on their backs. During April, a lot of fish are born in the French rivers and they get trapped due to being stupid due to being newborn. Finally in April, the word April fool started being used!

02 Burger King's April Fool's Day!

Photo of the burger

America's Burger King Company, serving millions of burgers every day in many countries, gave flower page advertising in many newspapers of America on the day of March 31, 1998. That page became April Fool's Day for millions of readers! By the way, Burger King had announced in that page the announcement of a special jumbo burger for left handed Whoppers. For millions of left-handed people in the United States, Burger King was to start selling new burgers from April 1st. Twenty-four hours later, a crowd of thousands gathered at the company's stores. The people who bought the burger saw that the spices, lettuce, tomato, cutlets, cheese slices, bagurah, all the ingredients were the same, just to give the burger company customers their burgers by giving them 180 ° turn! It was just nothing, just a little style had changed!

03 Forbes FYI Magazine's April Flower News!

Symbolic photo of magazine

Soviet Russia broke up in 1989. After that he started breaking down financially too! She then went on to sell an auction to sell items ranging from aircraft carriers to space shoots for Russian leisure travelers to take off the loan. Around the same time, a magazine named Forbes FYI carried out a news raid, Russia wanted to auction its super flop Communist founder Lenin's dead. Lenin's spice-filled corpse at the memorial in Moscow's Red Square / Lal Chowk wanted to be auctioned for $ 150 million. This news was raided by Forbes FYI Magazine, after that the rest of the media also spread the same news further! American Dhanik agreed to pay trillions of dollars to buy that goodwill Russian symbol. Maggin summed this whole thing up as an April Fool's joke. Viktor Baranikov, Home Head of Russia, labeled it a dirty joke!

04 When Marco Polo made everyone an april flower!

China Symbol Symbol

In the year 1298, Marco Polo, who returned to India and almost every country of Asia, including China, wrote his migration letter. However, he actually gave a dictation of his travelogue to a lei named Rustichillo. In which he wrote about China with the most experience. But the current scholars now believe that Marco Polo made everyone an owl! Because Marco Polo never went to China!

Now it is said that someone who goes to China will never say anything about certain aspects of China. 6350 km long Great Wall of China, Chopsticks used in place of spoon in food, Chinese hieroglyphs, refreshing drink called Chai Ghar Drink Tea, will tell about various things like China's unique stamping But Marco Polo did not tell a single thing about it! Meaning, what Marco Polo said about China was told only on the basis of what he heard from the Banjaras.

05 April of the Tower of London flower event!

Tower of London ticket photo

Our stone gems like Kohinoor and other ornaments have been found in the stone fortress of the Rajwadi Estate called Tower of London, England, but before that there was a museum of wild animals. However, creatures like giraffes and lions can never be seen in England! There is some twist in his ticket. Which happens every year and all april flowers are made! Because nothing happened in it, just a paper tiger was made. On April 2, 1698, a daily named Dawks’s News Letter published a fictitious report that ‘Shero was bathed in the Tower of London on the first April yesterday. Which many people had seen and enjoyed. She really had nothing to do with Shero. Tickets sold out on the second day! Bought april flowers! Like this, it kept happening every year!

06 A viral photo of America's World Trade Center tragedy when april became flower!

The viral photo of someone who fooled everyone

Look at the photo above carefully! This is a photo of a few seconds ago on September 11, 2011, terrorist Hijekaro crashed the hijacked aircraft into the US World Trade Center. But this sign has clicked accidentally. This person is going to die in a short time, this last sign camera is going to be found from the tower's bhang, but this young man who was photographed on the roof of a high building, did not even get to know this! This photo created panic. But later, when the truth came out, everyone had become stupid.

Trick revealed from this photo! Because two hijacked aircraft crashed into two towers of the World Trade Center. The background of the background seen in the photo was seen from the roof of the second tower and it was the turn of that tower! Now the first tower is broken, there is chaos all over, then one can get photographed in peace like this ??? Banda went to the foot and later found out that the photo was made from a technology called digital imaging!

07 April Book of Record April Fool

Rare Book

In Britton, a beer-selling company signed a Jaheranama on March 30, 1999, in the last year of the Millennium from midnight of December 31, 1999, to the name Greenwich Mein Tame becoming famous. Now in this way, in the name of April Fool's joke in the British watchdog, there was a Guinness Book of Records! Which first published its first occurrence in 1953 under the title The Guiness Book of 1953. There were some world records in the book and these words are later published in every frequency. Today this version is very rar.

08 When the BBC April April became a flower!

11 interesting historical facts of American chiefs

The BBC is a semi-governmental organization. Who never plays april flower, in fact the institution itself became april flower! His Cameraman team from Switzerland sent a video clip of Sapagetti. More than 60 years ago, this food item was unknown to the British. So the Swiss woman's scenes were broadcast before taking the nudles from the field. As soon as the broadcast was complete, calls started coming, brother, 'How do we cultivate newdles? '

09 Stand up with all the candles, NASA is a satellite photographer!


On the day of September 11, 2001, the attack of the World Trade Center, someone now made the people of America an april flower! Someone spread the rumor in an e-mail to show that the citizens of America are united against the tragedy, to show that all the citizens of the country came out together with candles at some time! So that the NASA satellite passing through space at that time would take a photo of it! Publishing this photo gave an indication to the terrorist that everyone in America is one. Now the april flower became all because no satellite was going to pass, how would the candlelight click the satellite's camera even if it had passed?

10 april flowers all made with a pic of a holiday viking!

Viral picture to become face first and then mountain

In 1976, NASA's Viking 1 and Viking 2 were photographed before landing on Mars! There was a strange thing in it that brought everyone into the world of imagination. By the way, the face of the giant stature was seen in that picture. After seeing him, everyone felt that there should be craftsmen on Mars! Now this idea was on people's minds till 1998! Mangal photography was done again in 1998 when it was found that the thing which looked like a face was actually a normal mountain !!!


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