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The top 10 events of world history april flower!

 In this article we are going to talk about april flower events! By the way, there is no need to work very hard to find this topic because on this day everyone tries to make each other an april flower. The first date of April is celebrated as Fool's Day. That too worldwide! Although there is a delay in the month of April, but today we are going to talk about the April flower events before that, with the help of which you can come up with ideas and you can make others April flowers Well, this is just a matter of fun but today we will talk about some of the fun events of history that took place on the day of April Fool! So let's know! 01 When the tradition of april flower started! Symbolic photo There is a lot of belief about how the tradition of celebrating April Fool's Day on the first day of April began, but the popular belief is that this practice originated in medieval France. The reason for this was the Gregorian calendar, prepared by Christianity's Pop Gregory 13,